Health Strategy, Appearance and Performance

What is the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful company? The fact that you can tell they are successful actually has something to do with it. The best and the brightest usually look like the best and the brightest. Successful companies do certain things that make them appear to be successful. We are able to recognize these things because; often they are the same things that actually make them successful in the first place. They have a strategy, they stick with it and they get corresponding results.

Take employee health for example. Companies that promote employee health have the appearance of an employee-friendly, positive culture. The best part about promoting health is that this appearance translates directly to performance. These companies typically perform better than those not recognized for it. That’s right; a company promoting health is performing at a higher level because of improved productivity, morale and even cost savings due to the health of their employees. In fact, companies ranked by Fortune Magazine as the “top 100 companies to work for” earned nearly double the profits of those not making that list.

Let’s look at my client for a specific example of how this works. They did a group weight loss program last year:

This company (We’ll call them Cubicle Sales Inc.) is comprised of multiple sales teams. Each team works together to reach new prospects, identify their office equipment needs and show them the best options for their company. This requires not only sales and presentation skills, but also a great deal of teamwork. More importantly, the team has to have high energy and drive to gain and retain each client. The group weight loss program pitted one sales team against another and required each member to work together as they shared a common goal. After they did their group program, they found that they were working better together since spending time on this shared goal of winning the competition.

Cubicle Sales Inc’s CEO noted to me that the teams were not only working better together, but also seeing better sales numbers and customer satisfaction. Each person was more energized, team focused and therefore more successful. The best part for the CEO, was that their customers were clearly pleased to be working with such a motivated company.

So what can other businesses do to become successful? They can do what the best and the brightest do. The most successful companies have known for years that by investing in their employees, they have seen decreases is health care spending, employee turnover and even burnout from job stress. Most importantly, these successful companies, such as Cubicle Sales Inc, know that they need employees to perform at high levels. We now know that a healthy employee is far more likely to be that top performer. With such a strong link between health and performance, we also know that there is a reason companies appear to be top performers. Most likely it is because they are top performers.

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